Brazen, Off-Kilter Going Places On Blu-ray

Out now looking sensational on Blu-ray is Going Places (Kino Lorber), the freewheeling, rebellious tale of aimless thugs Jean-Claude (Gerard Depardieu) and Pierrot (Patrick Dewaere). These sexy, scruffy, brutes rob, fight and hitch-hike across the country having weird encounters with different women. Jeanne Moreau plays a troubled soul in a memorably tragic sequence and Miou-Miou plays a free-spirited hairdresser who joins up with the two of them. The film was directed by Bertrand Blier and was pretty outrageous when it was released in 1974 -- the homo-erotic nature of Jean-Claude and Pierrot's relationship is explored during a break-in to a home in one surprising scene.  Everything about the movie is off-kilter and brazenly so.

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