Bollywood Babe Vikas Manaktala and Designer Rohit Bal Are a Pair? Heartbreak for Mr. Mickey!

Mickey Boardman

Mr. Mickey's traveling abroad in India and, since I always make an effort to brush up on celebrity gossip wherever I'm visiting, I just found out that one of my biggest celebrity crushes, cute model/TVstar/movie heartthrob Vikas Manaktala, has been romantically linked to Rohit Bal, one of India's most famous fashion designers. Bal, who is openly gay -- something rarely seen in conservative India, where homosexuality is considered deeply taboo and is still illegal in some parts of the country -- has been linked with several of the sexiest men on the subcontinent, including model Lalit Tehlan. Most of the stories I could find linking Manaktala and Bal are a few months old, but the duo have been photographed together at several parties. Sigh. Some guys have ALL the luck!

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