Bolder, Badder, Hotter: Go Inside Our Re-Designed 30th Anniversary Issue

by Drew Elliott / video by Isabel Alcantara

Dear Readers,

We have a message for those who say print is dead: fuck you. It's hard to be a publication called PAPER and not be proud of making something tangible. Obviously, we know that the digital world is important; our website,, is helping people discover what is cool every day (every hour to be exact). But in keeping with our radical roots, why not overemphasize the magazine at the core of our brand? For our 30th birthday, we're bucking the trend and giving you a reimagined PAPER magazine.

Publishers and co-editors-in-chief Kim Hastreiter and David Hershkovits started PAPER in Kim's apartment 30 years ago -- and 30 years later they are still in the office every day, pushing our crew towards the original thinkers, artists and superstars of the moment. In this very special anniversary issue we have packed the best of the best of these creative types into a 42 page photo feature -- led by our cover stars Courtney Love and Brooke Candy -- celebrating the people who, in our eyes, have earned the title of "OG" or Original Gangster. These are the people who have found success in their respective fields by staying true to their vision and never bending to the trends -- just like us.

Now that we're getting up there in print years, we decided to make sure we kept our youthful appeal by entrusting our redesign to 26-year-old Scott West, who gave Paper this fresh new look while longtime design director Andrea Fella  kept us true to our roots.

Along with the redesign, we are introducing a new section called On Point, where our editors identify the micromovements you should know about. Our party pages, known as Cultural Sushi, have been spiced up, and the brand-new feature Happy Ending closes the book on a high note.

As you can see, there's a lot going on, so we decided to save some of the magic for next month when Paper's sparkly mascot Mr. Mickey will be launching a new column, Reserved: A Lunch with Mr. Mickey, in the book and moving his hilarious Ask Mr. Mickey online, where fans can get their style and sex questions answered at any time -- day or night.

A magazine is an experience -- one that just can't be duplicated by scrolling through a website. We've traveled the world to curate each page just for you, so go forth and flip through. We're confident that these 200 glossy pieces of paper are the best gift we can give to you on our birthday. Just don't get a PAPER cut.

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