American icon Bob Dylan has won the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature "for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition;" this makes Dylan the 108th winner of the world's most prestigious literary accolade, and first singer/songwriter to do so.

Swedish Academy permanent secretary, Sara Danius, lauded Dylan's influence on modern culture, and compared his effect to the words and poems of Ancient Greek luminaries, stating:

If you look back, far back, 2,500 years or so, you discover Homer and Sappho and they wrote poetic texts that were meant to be listened to, that were meant to be performed, often with instruments -- and it's the same way with Bob Dylan.

Dylan's win has, of course, divided the internet, with many throwing up the ????

While others can suspend their disbelief:

And some were just glad he wasn't killed by a clown:

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