Bluestockings Denies Showpaper Censorship

Gary Pini & Elizabeth Thompson

"This is not even a blip on the map of current news, even in Williamsburg," according to an anonymous commenter on BrooklynVegan, October 6, 2:57 p.m. Oh, we disagree! The "news" is that Joe Ahearn's music guide Showpaper has a racy new NSFW cover by artist Borden Capalino, featuring sex ads similar to those in the backs of free weeklies like the Village Voice. Well. Several BrooklynVegan commenters are saying that radical L.E.S. bookstore Bluestockings supposedly threw away thousands of copies of the issue due to its cover.

This sounded a little off to us, so we rang up Bluestockings and talked to volunteer Janelle Kilmer who assured us that the store didn't throw away any copies. "Bluestockings serves as a distribution point for Showpaper," Kilmer said. "New issues get dropped off outside our store and Showpaper volunteers come distribute them to the Lower East Side. If they're not outside the store, it's because someone took them. We have no official dispute with the cover. We think Showpaper is awesome. We think the artist is awesome. I don't know why people thought we took offense to this."

All of this should cause a mob scene at Friday's grand opening of The Showpaper 42nd Street Gallery (217 East 42nd Street, 7 p.m.) featuring Das Racist DJs, a "DIY video game" arcade curated by Babycastles and art curated by Food Party's Thu Tran and Showpaper.  If you can't come thru on Friday, the gallery is open until the end of the year.  Blip.

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