British musician Dev Hynes, known as Blood Orange, tweeted today that he will no longer give interviews or speak to The Guardian after the magazine pulled his cover. It appears the cover was pulled, in part, because the artist was "reluctant to talk about some of the topics that they'd hoped he'd expand upon."

While no one has specified which topics he didn't want to touch on, it's likely related to remarks he made about police brutality. Hynes fired back at the magazine with a series of tweets, saying, "Sorry I don't fit into your perception of a Black Lives Matter story."


He also added that he was already giving The Guardian a second chance after a story they wrote about him trying to crowd fund the replacement of his belongings after he lost them all (and his dog) in an apartment fire.

This is not the first time an artist has banned a publication from their press tour repertoire after being removed from the cover. In early 2014, Drake famously went OFF on Rolling Stone and the press in general after his cover was bumped for the late Philip Seymour Hoffman.

[h/t Pitchfork]

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