Dev Hynes' new Blood Orange mixtape, Angel's Pulse dropped today and it's a full-on family affair, drawing on the auteur's circle indie and hip-hop cool kids. Joining him on the R&B-leaning tender chill-wave tape are Toro y Moi, Kelsey Lu, Ian Isaiah, Justine Sky, Tinashe, Porches, Arca, BROCKHAMPTON's Joba, Project Pat, Gangsta Boo and Benny Revival.

Although he's calling Angels' Pulse a mixtape, Hynes doesn't do anything half-assed. Hynes said he considers the collection a fully fleshed out work when he announced it last week. Narratively he says, it's "somewhat of an epilogue" to his 2018 masterpiece Negro Swan.

"My new record is called Angel's Pulse & I performed, produced, and mixed the entire thing myself. I'm calling it a mixtape. I have a habit through the years of making records that I just give to friends, or on tape to people on the street, or no one." he wrote. "Usually this material is made directly after the album I've just put out. Somewhat of an epilogue to the thing I've made before. This time... I decided to release it. I put as much work and care into it as I do with the albums I've released, but for some reason trained myself into not releasing things the rate at which I make them. I'm older now though, and life is unpredictable and terrifying... so here you go mates."

Highlights include Lu and Isaiah's gorgeous gospel-adjacent duet on "Birmingham" and the squirmingly catchy beat courtesy of Toro y Moi on "Dark & Handsome." Stream, stream, stream below.

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