Blood Diamond Comes to Silver Screen

Blood Diamond, an upcoming movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Connelly and directed by Edward Zwick, is ruffling feathers amomg diamond merchants who think the film makes their industry look bad. Yahoo News reports:

  • Clearly rankled by the subject matter, which they fear could cut into jewelry sales, the World Diamond Council and a loose coalition of diamond organizations are appealing to the film's producer, cowriter and director, Edward Zwick, to include a scene at the end of the movie depicting improvements in the trade of so-called "conflict diamonds" [aka Blood Diamonds]--that is, rough diamond sales that helped fuel bloody African civil wars in which thousands of people were killed, particulary in Sierra Leone, where the film is set. --
The Diamond Council believes that the fim depicts an industry that has reformed itself but others disagree. They're asking Zwick to tag on something at the end that would indicate the improvements, but don't expect Zwick or Wanrer Bros to relent. This comes on the heels of Kanye West's hit song "Diamonds," which similarly took a swipe at inhuman working conditions diamond miners must endure,

Jewelers Nervous About Blood Diamond Film

photo of diamond miner in Sierra Leone


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