The pissing match between bloggers and traditional media is one of the givens of contemporary media criticism. An ex editor of mine once pointed out that the best way to get the media's attention is to write about them. Which is the path Gawker has taken as it skewers mainstream media with unabashed glee. Gawker's popularity with print media comes from Gawker's tweaking of the mainstream's confusion regarding the DIY punk-rockin' bloggers who are charging the ramparts. And the trads love pointing out the mishaps of the reporting that comes out of the blogosphere. Yet the beautiful thing here is how much they both need each other. As much as Gawker rakes Vanity Fair (and Conde Nast) for example, in the spirit of no publicity is bad publicity, VF  has photographed Nick Denton and Gawker Media staff members for an upcoming issue. Bloggers can be famous in the blogosphere, but they do not become true media stars unless they get validated by the doyens of print. Nothing says this more than the recent anointing of Ana Marie Cox of the influential Washington blog Wonkette as the next big thing. She had to write a novel and give up blogging to get the trad media's attention, but there she is. Now everyone knows about her, not just the blogging community. (pictue Cox and friend)


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