UPDATE: Blake's publicists Blake has "apologized" for the arsenal of ghoulishly offensive past tweets that have recently surfaced:



The Voice judge/Gwen Stefani's Myspace #1 in her top 8 Blake Shelton (who, for the record, I have never even heard speak) is under fire after some old tweets of his have unfortunately surfaced.

Let's take a quick into the murky waters of one man's deeply tormented inner psyche.



In case you didn't know, a "deer stand" is an elevated post for mowing down deers.

Blake Shelton is not gay, and in a deer stand!

"Just me in mah deer stand," Blake said, sipping a Coors Light, in a very not gay way.

"Wait.. what?"

As a gay man, I must say, I do love Skittles, Blake!

I'm going to go home and deep throat a cucumber tonight in my worn-out Chuck Taylors, just for you.


Shelton's fixation on "gay" seemed to continue in 2012.

He also squeezed in some racism...

...and some casual misogyny...

The real stunner, though? This horror featuring a then-teenaged Dakota Fanning, and Amanda Seyfried. Because apparently all blonde women (including underaged women!) are interchangeable fuck-bots.

Gwen, girl, get out now.

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