Blac Chyna is truly a work of art. The swashbuckling social media star visited the Topanga Canyon in Southern California for a photoshoot, but she was the one bringing the heat with her look. Get ready to set your next phone background.

Chyna wore a simple white bikini, which showed off her numerous nature-inspired tattoos. The focus, however, is definitely on her dazzling Saint Laurent's fall 2017 Swarovski crystal-encrusted knee-high boots, which can definitely be seen from outer space. Hello, disco ball chic! The 70s-inspired boots feature a stylish baggy fit and a wide, triangular heel. They are probably massively heavy, too — the leather boots are reportedly hand-stitched with over 3,000 individual crystals. Who needs Skechers Shape Ups when you could just wear these sparkle calf splints to the grocery store?

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The undisputed boots of the season have been seen on other fashion-forward celebs, including Rihanna and Céline Dion. They were even worn by Nicki Minaj on our Break the Internet cover. Like Chyna, Minaj also wore a little as possible to keep the visual focal point on the boots.

If you're feeling inspired by Blac Chyna's desert exploration gear, you can cop the Saint Laurent boots on Net-a-Porter. Fair warning, they will set you back a cool $10,000. Obviously, we don't suggest that you go hiking in them. No word on if the boots come with their own disco DJ.

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