After the absolute fiasco that was Rob Kardashian's Instagram meltdown/Chyna's subsequent revelation of domestic abuse, Chyna's lawyer has now revealed that Chyna will petition for a restraining order.

Lisa Bloom, who was reportedly Mischa Barton's lawyer in her own revenge porn case, said today that her and Chyna will appear in court on Monday to start the process.

"I'm very proud to represent her," Bloom told NY Daily News, "and we are ready to fight for her rights in court to protect her as a woman and as a mother against Rob Kardashian's vicious cyberbullying of her and his acts of revenge porn."

Bloom did not clarify whether the order would cover Dream Kardashian, the couple's shared child, but she did state that Blac Chyna would be seeking appropriate measures to protect her too.

Rob Kardashian's Instagram appears to still be suspended and his tweets remain.

[h/t NY Daily News]

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