Bizarre Crackpot-Classic Frankenhooker On Blu-ray

Out now on Blu-ray is the wildly enjoyable 1990 cult-classic, Frankenhooker (Synapse). This film by maverick director Frank Henenlotter (Basket Case) has more to do with the '60s film The Brain That Wouldn't Die -- in which a man tries to preserve his girlfriend's head after she's decapitated in a car accident -- than it does with Mary Shelly. Here, amateur scientist Jeffrey Franken (James Lorinz) tries to salvage his girlfriend after she's shredded in a freak lawnmower accident by fusing body parts together from various 42nd Street hookers. (How does he collect his victims? He creates a synthetic "super crack" that causes the ladies of the evening to explode when they partake.) The reanimated result is a purple-haired, loosely stitched bride of the streets who knocks out the doctor and stomps off toward Times Square in a skimpy outfit and hilariously cloddish shoes screeching, "Wanna date? Wanna date?" to startled passersby. Its's one-of-a-kind crackpot classic from the imaginative and bizarrely original Henenlotter and this Blu-ray comes with plenty of extras.

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