It has been a long wait for the Gemini twins (thus, quadruplets), that will be birthed by very beautiful, terrifyingly talented pop star Beyoncé, but the time may just be upon us.

Numerous clues have arisen of late pointing to Beyoncé relieving her womb of two little people. There are photos that Beyoncé and Jay Z's security team parked outside the UCLA hospital for most of the day yesterday for one, and now The Shade Room has claimed to have a source at the hospital confirming the whole fifth floor has been shut down for Beyoncé. And now Bey's hair stylist, Chuck Amos, posted this tease to Instagram:

Of course, all the above is pretty inconclusive, but that hasn't stopped the Beyhive from freaking the fuck out online. Before you review the receipts just be aware, it's a slippery slope when you fall this deep into Beyoncé vortex...proceed with caution.

We do indeed need answers NOW. Stay tuned, my sweets.

[h/t Harper's Bazaar]
Image via Getty

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