Bing Ji Ling Brings the Jams to the Boom Boom Room

Alex Chapman
The Phenomenal Hand Clap Band's Bing Ji Ling (aka Quinn Luke, his equally cool real name) brought the funk last night at New York's hoity-toity Boom Boom Room. Playing some oldies-but-goodies as well as the jammiest of jams from his new record, Shadow To Shine, Ling's sound is akin to a chilled-out, slightly synth-infused Earth Wind and Fire. It's feel good music to the fullest, and the crowd of by-standers couldn't help but shake their tail-feathers to the sweet, summery sounds of Mr. Ling/Luke. Wish you could've been there? Close your eyes, dress for warm weather and listen to some of Bing Ji Ling's key tracks.

1. "Sunshine Love"
Sounds like: The chorus to Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" if it were written by Michael McDonald
Good for: Frisbee in the park

2. "Move On"
Sounds like: Bar Mitzvah music circa 1975
Good for: A family reunion

3. "Dreamin"
Sounds like: The scene in Anchorman where Christina Applegate tells Will Ferrell to take her to "pleasure town"
Good for: Pleasure town

4. "Some Things Never Change"
Sounds like: An unreleased Steely Dan song
Good for: Saying goodbye to your friends from summer camp.

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