Billie Eilish has made quite a splash with what looks to be a cheeky new username.

Though the Grammy winner has been a notable TikTok hold-out thus far, she appeared to make her highly anticipated debut on the app earlier this week — much to the excitement of Avocados everywhere.

However, while many were just happy to finally see Eilish's face — using the viral Time Warp scan filter, no less — a number of fans also couldn't help but fixate on her apparent choice of username. And honestly, we can't blame them.

In the wake of her first video going viral, dozens of commenters praised Eilish's supposed "@CoochieDestroyer5" moniker, with some going so far as to call the revelation "the highlight of [their] day."

Granted, the account has yet to be verified, but that hasn't stopped it from accumulating 1.5 million followers in the past day. That said, while we wait for some type of confirmation from Eilish herself, you can check out @CoochieDestroyer5's first video, below.

Photo via Getty

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