Bike Kill VIII: Year of the Slush

Rebecca Smeyne
Brooklyn's Bike Kill, an almost-annual Bed-Stuy street party, took place this weekend, weather complications be damned. The event, held on a dead-end block between a school and a Home Depot, is, unofficially, put on by an underground social organization known as the Black Label Bike Club, aficionados of homemade mutant bicycles, as well as a certain kind of lifestyle. They get a permit for the street, and bring a truckload of their contraptions to share with whoever feels like riding or watching (this year, someone also offered free hot soup, under a tarp). Like-minded bike gangs from around the country traditionally attend, plus hoardes of curious others, but this year, the crowd was small, for obvious reasons. The affair is always gnarly, thanks partly to lots of totally unsafe competitions, e.g. tall-bike jousting, and partly to drunkenness, but this year, just being outside was gnarly enough.

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