True to form and THRIVING in stunt drama, it's been confirmed that Beyoncé will campaign for Hillary Rodham Clinton in the final days of this horror election--SAVING THE BEST FOR LAST.

Bey will be joining her earthly counterpart, Jay Z, at his Rock the Vote concert for Hillary in Ohio tonight, whose joint star power, the HRC campaign is hoping will sway millennial and African American voters in Cuyahoga County, Ohio--one of the election's biggest battlegrounds.

Ms. Yonce had already soapboxed to the world at last month's Tidal concert, pleading with young people to vote, saying, "It may look like things are bad, but if you think they can't get worse...just ask your grandparents."

Imagine Hillary under a dim lamp at 4 in the morning this week--her campaign, tired and delirious, frazzled from the WAY-TOO-CLOSE POLLS--nervously staring at her, as she sits next to a red phone.

"Madame Secretary..." one of her assistants says, "it's time. Make the call."

Save us, B.

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