Queen of Benevolent Bosses!

During the St. Louis leg of her Formation tour, Beyoncé delivered, not surprisingly, a fiery performance of her legendary empowerment anthem "Single Ladies;" flanked by two of her incredible backup dancers, Bey recreated the iconic choreography from that history-making video.

Before the song could end, however, the Queen halted the earth's gravitational pull, telling her crowd that she thinks "someone might be" coming up on stage.

B then welcomed John Silver, Bey's choreographer, the tour's creative director, and the boyfriend to one of her dance captains, Ashley Everett, on her level (well, you're never really ON Beyoncé level, but he got pretty damn close), so he could ask his lady the big question..

Silver then proceeded to, quite literally, put a ring on it, before the entire stadium--the action reacted with a deafening roar.


Watch below.

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