Who needs to hold bake sales when your school can ring up Beyonce? On Saturday, the LA Center for Early Education's 75th Anniversary Gala fundraiser got a boost from a set by Queen B. She performed three songs to an audience of parents and alumni frantically instagramming and recording her every dance move. If this was a surprise, as a lot of the captions on Instagram indicate, then it was one with pretty impeccable production values--we would expect nothing less from Bey. While the Center may or may not be Blue Ivy's school, Beyonce is definitely a shoe-in for PTA President.

There was an athletic performance of "Crazy in Love," complete with back-up dancers.

This video has some vocal acrobatics, and the army of smartphones being held up to get a good shot.

"Halo" fans got a rendition of her 2008 classic.

"XO" was thrown into the medley.

She also did a very sweet, stripped-down version of "I Will Always Love You," because if there's one person who can do Whitney justice, it's Beyonce. (See a longer clip in the video up top.)

She even deigned to take a selfie with some of the lucky guests.

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