Beyoncé's New York Fashion Week Style Evolution

Beyoncé's New York Fashion Week Style Evolution

by Elizabeth Thompson + Abby Schreiber
Will she show or won't she show? Like everything else about the Carter-Knowles household, Beyoncé's fashion week attendance can only be described as 'enigmatic.' While we wait to see if she makes an appearance, we look back at her fashion week style history, outfit-by-outfit.


Beyoncé at Oscar de la Renta: Head-to-toe Spring Princess Phase

Wearing what can best be described as a "fun Easter top," Beyoncé really goes hard af on the fresh, spring sprite tip. The skirt is the sartorial equivalent of the mid-aughts cupcake phenomenon and all we can say is, we're glad Bey's moved on and so have we (donuts 4-lyfe).

Beyoncé at Marc Jacobs: The Funky Necklace Phase

Peak-mid-aughts accessorizing happening here from the layered medallion chain thing happening to the chunky chain handbag to the ruffle sandal, oh boy. This is definitely House of Deréon's influence.


Beyoncé at a GQ party featuring a performance by Kanye: The Delta Force Bangs Phase

Boy, what a difference eight years makes. That camera would have been broken by Julius the Bodyguard in a second. We miss side part-heavy Yonce, tho.


Beyoncé at Fashion Rocks: The Blonde Flatiron Phase

In which Beyoncé proves she's the ne plus ultra when it comes to rocking the hairstyle copped by every girl at any southwestern state school sorority both then and now. Flatirons aren't forever.

September 2011 

Beyoncé at Vera Wang: The Beige Phase

LOL to Kim K. sitting five seats down from Bey-longe.

Beyoncé and Solange at J. Crew: The Stacked Patent Leather Beige Pump Phase

Beyoncé was pregnant so we will say nothing but that we're pleased the nude patent leather heels-with-sparkly-nude-dress phase is over.

Beyoncé and Solange at Rodarte: The Bey-ge Phase Pt. II: Return to Beige Island

She was realllly feelin' beige this season.

Beyoncé at Tory Burch: The Grecian Cut-Out One-Two Punch Phase

Here's a little nugget just for you all Beyoncé pregnancy truthers. While she's only five months pregnant, it wouldn't be a Knowles-Carter pregnancy without making you question all sense of what you know about reproductive physiology.

Beyoncé at Kanye West's Adidas Show: The Nailing It Phase

All hail the one true queen.

All photos by Patrick McMullan Company/

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