Billboard reports that Bey's dad and former manager Matthew Knowles, who was fired from the team in 2011, is planning on teaching a workshop in Houston called "The Entertainment Industry: How Do I Get In?" Admittedly, Knowles does have the actual experience necessary to justify the assumption that he might have some knowledge to impart, through years of managing his daughter's super-successful career. And it's not like the workshop is explicitly pitched as him being able to take someone, talk to them for a few hours, and turn them into a star on par with his daughter. But he's clearly been slipping for a while now, and has been on the outs with someone it might be best not to have as an enemy, which might make the promise of "a Certificate of Completion and Knowles reference booklet of industry definitions, contacts and additional useful information" a bit... less enticing than we might have otherwise expected. (Also, tickets run from $99 to $299 for the VIP package, which somehow feels both like a lot and not that much all at the same time?) If you want, you can get tickets here.

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