Beyoncé Is In Trouble With PETA Again

By Max Kessler
Beyoncé is under fire from PETA for the second time. After collaborating on a shoe with Isabel Marant which uses stingray, ostrich, calf, crocodile, and anaconda, PETA released a statement about the cruelty of skinning (which we have to agree with). We also don't like the shoes all that much. [via The Cut]

In other Beyoncé news, Gucci, Bey and Selma Hayek have joined Chime for Change, an organization which gives aide to programs with an emphasis on women's health, education and justice. Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts and Arianna Huffington also support the org. [via Fashionista]

This picture of Terry Richardson and Bono is...too much. [via Terry's Diary]

Rumor has it that Kanye West is looking to hire a design team and revive his fashion line, which he wants to look like "Sexy Margiela." We hope that turns out to be true, if nothing else for the sexy face masks. [via Fashionista]

WWD interviewed André Leon Talley and it turns out he took that gig at Numéro Russia for the money: "I'm proud to say I'm going to be 64, I felt I needed more financial security as I go in my twilight age, a little bit more cash for mortgages and as I go into retirement. I took the job because I love Russia and the salary was something fabulous."

Umit Benan is no longer the Creative Director of Trussardi, probably because the brand hasn't done as well in international markets as it would like to, and because Benan's shows got very mixed reviews throughout his time there. [via Fashionista]

We love the new SIXLEE collection, mostly because it sort of feels like if Raf Simons had made his Dior Haute Couture collection for men. Ah, if only. [via HypeBeast]

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