According to our esteemed friends at Page Six, "an inside source" is alleging that Lordess Bey and her Man In Waiting, Sean Carter, created the cheating story not-so-subtly hidden in the lush soundscape and lyrics of Lemonade as a marketing scheme.

As with their "Bonnie and Clyde" personas from the early aughts glory days, the sources allege that all the "Becky with the good hair" business is, in fact, business.

"They develop these storylines to sell albums. 'Lemonade' is a movie crafted to drive sales. Jay and Beyoncé are entertainers at the top of their game. Do you think Jay would release her album on [his own] Tidal if it really was all about him? He is 100 percent behind this."

*ears perk up from behind life-sized pitcher of lemonade*

Another disembodied gossip choir added:

"They're marketing masters. They're pros at this. The more attention, the more they sell, the better. All that speculation is to get press when they need it. 'Lemonade' is much deeper than infidelity, but that's the focus. As long as people are talking, they don't care.


Lest we forget, in the months following #ElevatorGate of Met Bala 2014, B's ugh of a father, Matthew Knowles, went on record as stating his belief that his daughter and son-in-law staged the physical schism with Solange for publicity.

IMAGINE, the psychopathic patience required for using a situation like what happened in that hotel elevator as merely a small BLIP leading up to the great, citrusy finale.

Going to go out on a limb, and suggest you don't high kick like that in a casket-sized space unless there's some authentic foolery going down.

But then again, what the hell do I know?

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