Bette Davis' Last Film: Wicked Stepmother On DVD!

MGM has gotten into the made-on-demand DVDs with some obscure titles now available online through Amazon. Wicked Stepmother (MGM), sadly Bette Davis' last film where she plays a witch who marries Lionel Stander much to the horror of his yuppie kids, is a real oddball choice. Dad is transformed from a vegan to a meat-eating slug who likes to watch game shows and Bette smokes up a storm. "We don't allow smoking in this house" the youngsters say to which Davis quips: "I promise not to exhale..." This weird 1989 PG-13 horror comedy was directed by Larry Cohen who has done better movies (It's Alive, God Told Me To Do It) but the movie was cursed after Bette Davis left after two weeks of shooting and the movie had to be quickly rewritten with Barbara Carrera suddenly arriving as her "daughter" . Costarring Tom Bosley, Evelyn Keyes, Seymour Cassel this is a fascinating train wreck to watch. But frail, diminutive, brave Bette Davis in her last film is worth watching.

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