Beth Ditto's Coming Out With a Memoir!

And, alas, it is not called Tell That To Nell Carter, Babe! It's called Coal to Diamonds (a fine title, too), and it was written by our April cover gal Beth Ditto alongside the prolific and witty Michelle Tea. Out September 14th from Spiegel & Grau (a Random House imprint), her publicist tells us that the book "is an honest, funny, and engaging memoir about a girl named Beth Ditto who emerged from humble beginnings in rural Arkansas to become a glam lesbian diva intent on saving rock and roll. Ditto's journey from being a poor fat girl in a town barely on the map to being the face of the future of music is full of laughter, heartbreak, and keen insights into what it means to love yourself when the world tells you you're unlovable. In rich detail and with a refreshing sense of humor and wisdom well beyond her years, Ditto recounts how her extraordinary childhood gave her the tools to become the new voice of a generation with the boldness to rewrite the rules of self-image and social acceptance." Sounds good to us!

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