Best Mohawks, Beards and Kissers at the Brooklyn Lyceum's "Mutt Show"

Ali Kenefick

This past weekend, for the second year in a row, the Brooklyn Lyceum hosted "The Mutt Show"; a casting call for all NYC's scrappier pups to come together and compete for such lofty titles as "Best Tail," "Best Kisser," "Sexiest Senior" or the classic crowd favorite, "Cutest Puppy". Admission to watch was free, and entering one of your competitive canines donated $25 to the Toby Project -- our new favorite NYC-based organization dedicated to saving the lives of our furry friends through a spaying, neutering, and adoption initiative. Proceeds from the cute $10 "Mutt Show" tote bags silk-screened by Brooklyn's own Roxy's Tee Parlour helped out too.

In true Brooklyn fashion, the show was a stellar showcase eclectic quirk, and proof that New Yorkers still have a sense of humor. For instance, we took a special liking to the jack-uaha (jack-russel terrier/chihuahua) called Mr. Miyagi, ("Best Mohawk"), and the bull-pug Quijibo (named for one of our favorite "Simpsons" episodes). Favorite categories consisted of "Best Beard", won over by Fettucini Alfredo, the Spinone Italiano mix, and "Most Useless Trick" taken by Snarky, an adorable black scruffy thing that could sneeze on command.

In between competitions, dogs had free reign of the Lyceum's top floor, which was converted in a dog-run complete with toys, treats, and tons of giggly children, while parents and spectators could treat themselves to some of most delicious coffee we've ever tasted at the in-house cafe. (We dare you not to melt over the rum-soaked-raisin-and-chocolate crêpes.) Maybe when Westminster gets crêpes and mohawks we'll reconsider a membership, but why bother when we've got the Brooklyn Mutt Show?   

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