Best DVD Cover Art: Cannibal Man

The best DVD cover art of 2007 belongs to Blue Underground for their new release of Eloy De La Iglesia's Cannibal Man (1972). The movie is a terrific Repulsion-like thriller about a slaughterhouse worker who accidentally kills a man and it starts a domino effect of bodies piling up in his house. While the body count increases he is being spied on by a gay man living in a nearby high-rise.

Eloy De La Iglesia is best know for his 1978 film El Diputado (The Deputy), which also had a gay theme. Cannibal Man is really a terrific film, and was out on DVD years ago on Anchor Bay, but this go-around is a much better transfer. The cover also reminds me of my favorite VHS video box that I love showing guests: The Spectre Of Edgar Allan Poe, a silly horror movie starring Cesar Romero and Robert Walker Jr., but the box cover art was just fabulous.

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