The best viral video of the week, featuring Bronx-based Bernice Starnes, an 86-year-old, wheelchair-bound goddess, is currently making the 'net rounds. Bernice was interviewed by Ayana Harry at NYC's PIX11, after NYPD arrested the woman, Adrianne Terry, who snatched Starnes' purse right from her hands.

"She wanted to hurt me," Bernice said, "and the bitch don't even know me."

As Harry narrates, "At 86-years-old, Bernice Starnes is full of spunk; she's traveled the world, seen a lot, but never anything like this..." The clip then shows surveillance footage of said purse-snatcher doing her dirty deed, as Bernice sat defenselessly in her wheelchair. The woman, after taking out the purse's contents, then threw the bag out.

Bernice has no sympathy for whatever comeuppance the thief gets.

"I hope some of the women [in jail] beat her ass every day for as long as she's in there," she adds.


Ayana then speculated, "Some people may say that's harsh..."

Bernice's response?

"I'm supposed to feel sorry for that bitch? I. DON'T."


Harry ends the segment by informing us that Bernice's neighbors are all checking on her to see how she's doing, and that following her testimony at Terry's arraignment, Ms. Bernice will take her next vacation: "a cruise to forget about all of this."

Live like Ms. Bernice, every god damn day.

Watch the full interview below.

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