With his call to break up the big banks, rejection of super PAC money and plans to end corporate tax loopholes, United States Senator Bernie Sanders (recently impersonated by Larry David on Saturday Night Live) is the kind of Presidential candidate that even Ian MacKaye could love. 

As pointed out by the website Dangerous Minds and Friend to PAPER Maggie SerotaBerned in D.C. is a Facebook page that re-imagines Sanders as the ultimate DIY punk crusader, one dedicated to cleaning up our scene politics. This Sanders is running a campaign to keep show costs low, heal our Jawbreaker divisions and curb the rampant pit abuses of the bros, and he's not afraid to call out the Sex Pistols. If you've ever gotten into a very serious, seemingly endless discussion of what it truly means to "be punk," you'll relate. And Bernie, if this President thing doesn't work out, Black Flag could probably use a new singer.