Berlin's Dyke March Celebrates the 'Zest For Life'

Berlin's Dyke March Celebrates the 'Zest For Life'

This year's annual Dyke March in Berlin, much in the spirit of other international lesbian-centered marches, was a call to celebrate the "zest for life" of self-identified "lesbians, dykes, and divas," according to the event's website. It is expected that this year's march totaled over 4,000 participants. The march is marked not only by its lack of commercial advertisements, but for the participants' creativity and intersectionality; families, interracial couples, and messages supporting sex positivity, as well as transgender rights and equality were all present. In the images below, artist Job Piston captures the power of lesbian visibility and unity to great effect.

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Photography: Job Piston

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Coolest Person in the Room: Jaden Walker

Story by Zach Shucklin / Photography by The Cobra Snake (Sponsored by Cuervo Tradicional Cristalino)