Ben Carson's got bars, son? Apparently, seeing as how the ultra-conservative GOP candidate has just dropped a minute-long rap in support of his Presidential bid.

Reportedly costing his camp $150K for a two-week long run in several Southern markets, it features Christian rapper Aspiring Mogul, the self-proclaimed "CHRISTIAN REPUBLICAN RAP ENIGMA." Complete with samples from Carson's speeches, it's an, uh, idealistic rhyme that rhymes "Carson" with "awesome."

According to Carson's camp, the rap is meant to pander to black voters, "reaching out and talking to them in a language they prefer," despite the fact that Carson has a pretty bad track record when it comes to fighting for other African-Americans, seeing as how he's done everything from comparing "political correctness" to Nazi Germany to saying Obamacare is "the worst thing that's happened in this nation since slavery." But you know, continue pandering to select demographics when they're most convenient to you, man. Even if it is...wiggity wiggity wack.

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