Belle And Sebastian Live In Battery Park!

Yesterday's free Belle and Sebastian show in Battery Park was wonderful, to say the least, despite it's shakey start.  Opener Martha Wainwright put me to sleep, I'm not gonna lie.  Then it started to rain and we all got a little nervous that the entire field would be evacuated due to the impending electrical storm.  But then hooray it cleared up, Belle and Sebastian took the stage, and for the next hour and a half everyone was all smiles. 

They played an array of classics such as "If She Wants Me," "If You're Feeling Sinister," and "The Boy With An Arab Strap" alongside gems off their new album, The Life Pursuit.  Lead singer Stuart Murdoch, furthermore, is quite possibly the cutest human being on the planet.  He had the entire audience cracking up with his Scottish-brogue-banter between songs.  At one point he even mused on the everlasting quality of goth music - "They must know something we don't because goth is never going to die" - and then proceeded to have an audience member apply mascara on his face.  It was an amazing show!


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