Behold: The First Totally 3D-Printed Dress

By Max Kessler
It's finally happened: a dress has been made using a 3D printer and computers are one step closer to taking over the world. Stagewear designer Michael Schmidt and model Dita Von Teese debuted this 3D printed gown on Monday at the Ace Hotel and it looks very high-tech and cool -- a much more wearable take on the partially 3D printed dresses Iris Van Herpen put out for her last collection. The dress is made of powdered nylon, a flexible, fabric-like substance that's most often used for architectural modeling  (and -- who knew? -- is comfy enough to wear). The dress was then polished and lacquered black and covered with 12,000 black Swarovski crystals. Now that they've made this, someone needs to made a bejeweled, 3D-printed cardigan for Mr. Mickey to wear to Paris Fashion Week.

Photo by Albert Sanchez.

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