Behold: Petri Dish Paintings, Made Out of Toxic Chemicals and Dyes

by Max Kessler

San Francisco-based artist Klari Reis has found an artistic use for toxic chemicals and plastic-epoxy polymer with her series of mind-blowing "Petri Dish Paintings." Reis had been enamored with plastics and dyes used to create terrazzo flooring in buildings and airports for years. But when she was diagnosed with Crohn's disease, and her doctor let her see her own cells react to different drugs through an electron microscope, she decided to add a scientific element to her love of terrazzo-makings. The results are fusions of chemicals and polymers in Petri dishes which range from bright and kaleidoscopic to dark and botanical-looking. Reis posts a new "painting" every day of 2013, so be sure to re-visit out her site to check out her new works. A few of our favorites, below.

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