Beheading Buzz-Saws and Bug-Eyed Cannibals On DVD!

Bloody Moon and Devil Hunter (Severin), two DVD bouquets of eurosleaze from prolific Spanish director Jess Franco (who helmed over 180 films), are out on DVD this week. These may be examples of knock-off genre efforts for the director, but any man who can direct the brilliant The Awful Dr. Orloff (1961) and The Diabolical Doctor Z (1963) deserves my attention. Bloody Moon is a 1981 body count movie set in an all girl’s foreign language school in Spain where a killer is whittling down the student body with buzz-saws, knives through the breasts, and other assorted sadistic methods. Could it be the facially-scarred man just released from an asylum for killing a girl years ago (with a pair of scissors and wearing a Mickey Mouse mask)? Or his loony sister who gazes at the moon topless? Devil Hunter (1980) is Franco’s oddball attempt at the Italian cannibal films which were popular at the time. In this film a movie star (the luscious Playboy centerfold Ursula Fellner) is kidnapped and whisked off to a remote island. A mercenary (Al Cliver) is sent to retrieve her but all of them run into a bug-eyed cannibal the natives offer sacrificial virgins to. On the disc Franco admits the “cannibal” was a Portuguese athlete who they fitted with halved golf balls for eyes, who didn’t seem to mind being nude the entire movie and biting into nubile females.

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