Beautiful People 2010: Mazdack & Zanna Rassi

There is the Fabulous that we know -- those lifestyles so easily tagged and bagged by the media, the Brangelinas and La Lohans -- and then there is the Fabulous with far fewer hang-ups and flashbulbs. And it is here that Mazdack and Zanna Rassi work and play.

In 2005, Mr. Rassi's Milk Studios -- a favorite for New York's top photographers and fast-growing rival to Bryant Park as Fashion Week's top staging ground -- provided the location for his first meeting with his wife, Marie Claire fashion editor Zanna. They retired to Passerby, where Rassi (as he's known), "didn't shut up for 45 minutes," Zanna says. "I was staring at him half thinking, 'You're really cute,' and half thinking, 'You really don't stop talking, do you?'"

But the Rassis weren't always so fabulous. In 1996 he -- a swarthy, charming and broke Midwestener, via Tehran -- needed all his chutzpah (and investors), to open Milk. His two partners found a building in the then seedy Meatpacking District. "I was like, 'Let's do a photo studio.' And they trusted me. I didn't know anything about anything. I made everything up." As for Zanna (née Roberts), picture her at age 15 -- before modeling brought her to magazines -- sneaking into the Hacienda to watch the Happy Mondays in her hometown of Manchester, England. A long way from her future star turns on reality shows like Project Runway and The Shot.

Married last June, the two embody different planets in the same solar system, constantly in orbit with the photographers, models, editors and designers who make up their galaxy of friends and colleagues. This isn't to say that the pair doesn't know how to step away. They spend summers on the Jersey Shore and winter weekends snowboarding in Vermont. But they're most at home with the group that surrounds their dining table. "Our table will grow as the night goes on," says Rassi. "Friends are the family you choose. We're very lucky to have a great family."

Mazdack wears a jacket, shirt, and tie by Tom Ford and jeans by Burberry. Zanna wears a dress by L'agence. The Rassis were shot at Milk Studios in Los Angeles


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