Beautiful People 2007: Donna D'Cruz

Record-label executive and DJ-about-town Donna D'Cruz explains how she does it all with a simple answer: "To be frank about it, I've invited magic into my life." And indeed, there is something otherworldly about Ms. D'Cruz. The multitalented spinstress is known for emitting a heavenly glow from the DJ booth -- thanks in part to her fifteen multicolored Swarovski-gem-studded headphones, which she likes to color-coordinate with her outfits.

D'Cruz was born in India and raised in Australia (she's blessed with an appropriately elegant accent), where she worked in the music industry and as a model before moving to New York in 1991. While at the New York office of rooArt, an Australian rock label, D'Cruz realized that "what I was really drawn to was the sound of nature, the sounds and rhythms of my own cultures, of my own sort of DNA." So she put out an album of Australian Aboriginal music, marking her commitment to bringing "wisdom traditions" -- a term she prefers to "world music" -- to the masses.

She married Tommy Boy Records founder Tom Silverman and, in 1997, founded her own label, raSa, under which she has released electronica, lounge, yoga and meditation albums showcasing musicians from around the world. Along the way, D'Cruz has collaborated on a variety of multi-sensory projects with people like spirituality guru Deepak Chopra and Aquavit chef Marcus Samuelsson.

When she's not running the label, D'Cruz DJs all around town -- from parties for Dolce & Gabbana, Diane von Furstenberg and Zac Posen in New York to events in Istanbul, Phuket, Puerto Rico, Mykonos and Saint-Tropez. As for the flashy headphones: "Hopefully, I'll make you turn your head, which will make you turn your ears, which I hope will make you turn your heart." Consider our hearts officially turned.
Alexis Swerdloff

Donna wears a shirt by Iceberg, skirt by D&G, ring by Hanut Singh, headphones by Donna D'Cruz and Swarovski. Makeup: Revlon Limited Edition Collection.


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