BEAMS' Ziploc Collection Is Certifiably Fresh

Unconventional collaborations seem to be the theme this week with Supreme's New York Post cover, Loewe's redesigned literature classics box set, Advisory Board Crystal's Wikipedia collaboration, and now Japanese clothing brand BEAMS has teamed up with Ziploc for a plastic bag-themed collection.

The gag is it's actually good. The capsule collection features transparent umbrellas, aprons, a baseball cap, totes, and purses all made out of stitched together Ziploc bags. Capitalizing on the recent PVC clothing trend, BEAMS' Ziploc collaboration doesn't take itself too seriously making no attempts to hide the various garments' source material. The playful line takes a utilitarian design and spices it up, adding whimsical polka dots and a clever re-purposing of the kitchen-cabinet staple's iconic blue and purple zipper as accents and lining.

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The collection goes on sale August 20th with full line available to browse currently on BEAMS website.

Photo via BEAMS

If you find yourself at a loss for how to fully take advantage of your resealable garments, fear not! BEAMS has also enlisted the help of illustrator Masaki Tanaka to give customers some creative inspiration.

Photo via BEAMS

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