Beach House's "Master of None" Is Our Music Video of the Day, Oldie-But-Goodie Friday Edition

Gary Pini

Earlier in the week we mentioned the great new mixtape by The Weeknd and promised a little follow-up today. Though it's not really really old like some of our other Oldie-But-Goodie Friday picks, today's video was made in 2006 for "Master of None" by Beach House (a/k/a Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand). It was shot "entirely in Baltimore in Alex's basement" by J. Durel for a track that appeared on their debut album. (There's also another "official" video for the same song, but we like this one.)  Anyway, this is the song that is sampled by The Weeknd on their track "The Party."  BTW: Here's a little Q&A we did with Beach House last year.

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