Dead Ringers (Shout Factory)

One of David Cronenberg's greatest films- starring a brilliant Jeremy irons playing twin gynecologists who both slowly unravel into madness. With a wonderful Genevieve Bujold as the love interest between both. Based on a strange true story about NY doctors, the elegance and intensity of this movie haunts to the core. New 2K scans of the film with hosts of great extras make this a must own. Also available from the same company is a new transfer (from the negative) of Cronenberg's chilling body horror 1976 classic- Rabid, starring former porn queen Marilyn Chambers unwittingly starting a deadly epidemic.

I Wake Up Screaming (Kino Lorber)

No kidding. Actually this is a terrific little 1941 film noir with a nice dramatic turn by Betty Grable as the sister of a murdered girl who reluctantly joins forces with a promotor- Frankie Christopher (Victor Mature) to find out what happened to her. Frankie is also the lead suspect of a relentless detective (played with creepy brilliance by Laird Cregar).

Lone Wolf And Cub (Criterion

6 of the notorious, splattery, Japanese Babycart films with the incredible, stone-faced Tomisaburo Wakayama as the lead samurai executioner Itto Ogami who roams the countryside with his toddler son in a wooden cart seeking vengeance for his wife's death and trying to clear his name after a rival gang's treachery. The cart even springs blades on each side to amputate bad guys. A bastardized compilation became an exploitation hit under the title Shogun Assassin (which is also included here in a HD transfer) in 1980. Gory and great.

I Drink Your Blood (Grindhouse)

A sensational new Blu-ray of the deranged 1970 cult classic directed by David Durston. Filmed on a shoestring in Sharon Springs, NY, the plot centers on a group of Satanist hippies who descend on a small mountain town, brutalize a young woman, and feed LSD to an old man, causing his grandson to inject rabies into a bunch of meat pies and feed it to them. The hippies turn into foaming, psychotic, killers and pass on their disease. The fiendish leader of the cult, Horace Bones, was played by a famed Indian dancer Bhaskar Roy Chowdhury, and I remember a fabulous day with director Durston (who was such a kind, funny, terrific man) visiting Bhaskar's Manhattan apartment. This disc also includes the other film that played on this drive-in double bill- a black and white voodoo movie I Eat Your Skin. As an added bonus there are deleted scenes and another super rare David Durston film Blue Sextette. If you are one of the early few to buy the Blu-ray you get a big plastic Horror Hypo so you can inject your friends with rabies. What the hell are you waiting for?

The Beautiful Blonde From Bashful Bend (Kino Lorber)

Betty Grable plays a saloon singer who accidentally shoots a judge in the ass and goes on the run posing as a prim schoolteacher in this rollicking comedy western directed by the great Preston Sturges. This silly and fun film is often dismissed by Sturges aficionados but this glorious Technicolor restoration might change that.

The Undying Monster (Kino Lorber)

The unheralded director John Brahm stylishly directed this 1942 low budget answer to a Wolf Man movie set at a spooky castle on a rocky coast where a mysterious creature is attacking cursed members of the Hammond family. As the servant warns: "When stars are bright on a frosty night, beware thy bane in the rocky lane". This glorious restoration reveals the artistry of Lucien Ballard's cinematography.

Citizen Kane (Warner Brothers)

Orson Welles and his Mercury theater troupe, screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz, cinematographer Gregg Toland, and composer Bernard Herrmann all helped create one of cinema's greatest achievements, and one that continues to delight and thrill. This 4K restoration of this 1941 masterpiece will dazzle you as you unravel the mystery of the ruthless newspaper magnate Charles Foster Kane (played brilliantly by Welles) whose dying word was: "Rosebud".

Burial Ground (Severin)

Outrageous 1980 Italian living dead splatter classic by Andrea Bianchi set at huge villa which soon becomes a fortress against hordes of intestine-chomping zombies. This one stands out because of the bizarre mother and son (Peter Bark) in the film. Bark was a small adult actor and is so damn creepy. He also has the one macabre scene at the end that will make you spit out your drink. This 2K scan and restoration comes with plenty of extras. And it's nice to have to option to hear it in Italian with subtitles instead of that crappy dubbing.

McCabe & Mrs. Miller (Criterion)

A stoner western masterwork by Robert Altman starring Warren Beatty as a gambler who sets up shop in a Northwestern town and goes into business with a scrappy madam of a whorehouse- Mrs. Miller (an incandescent Julie Christie). The Leonard Cohen music, gauzy, gorgeous, cinematography Vilmos Zsigmond, the flaky over-lapping dialogue all help create this landscape of losers and dreamers.

C.H.U.D. (Arrow Films)

That's "Cannibalistic Human Underground Dwellers" to you. A young John Heard plays a photographer in NYC, Daniel Stern plays he owner of a soup kitchen for the homeless who both discover mutant creatures living underneath the city. With a young John Goodman and Jay Thomas as cops in a diner who gets eaten by CHUDS in this 1985 film. Lots of downtown NYC location shots (in a new feature with author Michael Gingold and director Ted Geoghegan retracing the city locations).

The Walking Dead (Season 6) (Anchor Bay)

This brutal, exhilarating, apocalyptic series set in a doomed America over-run with zombies has been truly reaching its greatness with the last couple of seasons and this is all leading up to the introduction of the nastiest villain of the show Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the last days of security for Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and company in the walled city of Alexandria.

Private Property (Cinelicious Pics)

Leslie Steven- who created the Outer Limits TV series- wrote and directed this strange 1960 black and white film about a pair of creepy drifters- played by Warren Oates (Dillinger) and Corey Allen (Rebel Without A Cause) who descend on a bored, pampered, frustrated, housewife (played by Leslie Steven's attractive wife Kate Manx- who tragically took her life years later). This film was thought to be lost and given a restoration thanks to UCLA and it's utterly fascinating and strange. Corey Allen is particularly terrific as the sexy, dangerous, vagrant.

The T.A.M.I. Show/T.N.T. Show (Shout Factory)

Two astounding 1960s concert shows made at the time when the Beatles and the British invasion of rock was overtaking music. The T.A.M.I. show, released in theaters in 1964 had Jan & Dean introduce a hodgepodge of groups including jaw-dropping sets by James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Smoky Robinson, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, The Barbarians, The Supremes and including shots of a screaming audience. The T.N.T. show had Phil Spector and his wall of sound overseeing the orchestra with acts by The Ronettes, The Byrds, Ray Charles, Joan Baez doing a bizarre version of You've Lost That Loving Feeling But the best is the amazing Ike and Tina Review with a gyrating, ferociously fabulous, performance by the great Tina Turner. Buy this for every friend you know.

The Killing Of America (Severin)

In 1981 filmmakers Sheldon Renan and Leonard Schrader made a nightmarish shockumentary about gun violence and murder in America that no distributor would touch. The film begins with political assassination and then moves into mass murder killing sprees and serial killers to illustrate a nation gone mad. Different from the Mondo-like films of the time because of its more political implications it's a powerful and disturbing film. I saw it screened at the Public Theater but it was never heard of again until this terrific Blu-ray presentation which includes the English language version and a longer Japanese version. Even considering how awful things have gotten since this movie was made it still packs a punch.

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