Ran into my friend/neightbor Mario Batali early this morning when I was in the dog run in Washington Square Park. (I see him often--Batali walks his kids to school every day cutting thru the park with them). Have any of you been watching Iconoclasts?  -- it's the Sundance series pairing up two creative people to interview each other. He's quite a neighborhood guy and can be found schlepping paper bags filled with gnocchi home to his family from his local spot Babbo.  When I ran into him today he told me : 1) he thought his Iconoclast episode was a bore and 2) that his fancy pants newest eaterie called Del Posto is finally open and he'd save a table for me to come check it out! Can't wait.
Funny about the Iconoclast series. I loved each one. I thought it was really great the way they paired the various creatives to interview each other. The Tom Ford and Jeff Koons one was sick. Plus I really liked the Bryan Grazer and Sumner Redstone one. If you havent seen these look for them in reruns. I think they're good.


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