Bar Review: Mary Queen of Scots

They say at Mary Queen of Scots' execution, it took two blows to behead her -- by some accounts, three. And then her wig fell off. At Mary's whimsically Baroque LES namesake, one drink will be enough to reel you in; a second, enough to feel like a regular and a third, by some accounts, enough to lose your own little coconut. Luckily, any sort of crowning accoutrements you've donned can be kept in place. A warm and colorful dungeon, Mary Queen of Scots is gorgeous, but not haughty (much like we've heard about Mary herself). Tartan embellishments are countered with spray paint; golden flowers grow out of booths and a cage separates the diners in back from bar guests ordering Scotch-laden cocktails like the classic Blood and Sand (Glenlivet 12 yr, sweet vermouth, Cherry Heering, orange juice and a flamed orange peel). Late one eve, a group ordered fried brussel sprouts and Cognac sazeracs as advised by a Western clad barman with fantastic hair. A round of Amaro came next and curry fries, the likes of which the Queen never tasted, but most definitely would have dug. As the crowd ebbed and cocktail glasses were cleared, a fedora clad barfly leaned back to peer into the gilded mirror ceiling. Delighted by the shimmering view, she leaned a bit further and her hat tumbled onto the floor -- just as the bartender queried, "Time for round three?"

Mary Queen of Scots
115 Allen St.

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