Bar Review: Hot Bird

Leslie Pariseau
At the empty midsection of Atlantic Avenue, past the banalities of Target and Applebee's, a bastion of a neighborhood bar protects patrons from the desolation of southern Fort Greene. Hot Bird is the neighborhood bar we look for on every corner, hours written on masking tape and slapped onto a fence. Even in the rain, it's walled yard is spotted with locals finishing beers and wandering in for another, hanging out well after happy hour's end (pints $4 and pitchers $15 until 8 PM). A food truck, The Food Truck, is parked permanently for the hours well after happy hour when nothing sounds better than wurst and burgers ordered from a hand drawn brown paper menu. Inside, a lit-up roadside billboard illuminates the faces ordering shots and Sixpoints, one bartender servicing the entire room and barely looking up as if he'd been there a century. No destination for those outside the surrounding neighborhoods, Hot Bird's card declares the draws to its more practical patrons: "Air conditioned! Clean bathrooms!" Reason enough for us.

Hot Bird
"No monkey business, we give service."
546 Clinton Ave., Brooklyn
(347) 581-2323

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