Bar Review: Culturefix


Should there come an evening when what you crave is a Porkslap, a Diana+F 120mm and a white space through which to wander, Culturefix will sate your hipster heart's desires. This Sunday evening, the multitasking bar was quiet, except for the rain and the stereo system oscillating through Bossa Nova and hip-hop. A few bearded boys walked in with a collection of mysterious fishing rods and traipsed to the back, presumably to see the gallery space full of bright, messy works. At the front bar, the couple pouring drinks bantered familiarly with customers against a yellow striped background hung with pans and wine glasses as if we were all gathered in their kitchen for a dinner party. However, at a dinner party it may be rude to wander off with a glass of wine and a slice of chorizo nosing through each room, picking up objects, trying them on, commenting on the artwork, writing on the walls. But Culturefix invites the critical eye, the nosy collector, the salon conversation and a chalk-written message (on the bathroom walls). Through a rear corridor, Dijitalfix is the perfect match for tipsy geek driven whimsy, from which you might acquire a pair of gorgeous Joey Roth ceramic speakers or a throwback Casio calculator watch. Back at the front, dinner party partings were exchanged as were invitations to the next opening, cheese workshop and Hipstamatic exhibit. Invitations were accepted, if only in hopes to once more nose through their stuff on another rainy evening.

9 Clinton St.

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