Bar of the Week: The Collective

Donhae Koo

The times they have changed, bigtime. YouTube is the new MTV, while PAPER's own Julia Frakes, Tavi, and others of their ilk are giving Anna a run for her money. ICrave, the designers behind Meatpacking's newest hotspot, the Collective, have caught on with lightning speed, looking to artists on Etsy and Craigslist to realize their Frankendesign aesthetic. Headrests are fashioned out of teddy bears while blinking street signs form a chair (and a toasty warm one at that). Everywhere you look inside the new barstaurant is something that looks like it belongs on the Island of Misfit Toys, and everything deserves a closer look. Yes, those twist ties were painstakingly twisted and tied onto a column, and yes, that is a flock of license plate origami birds. The idea could have easily gone "funky cafe" wrong, but it'll sooner delight than disgust. Besides, you'll be too mind-boggled to judge, and did I mention the teddy bear headrests? The $14 cocktail menu gives a nod to another kind of mutant with the Credible Hulk (gin, lime, basil, and serrano chile), while the food offerings are a hodgepodge of various NYC-neighborhood-themed treats like the Chicken-n-Waffle combo (Harlem) and the short-rib stroganoff (Brighton Beach). We're guessing that those who aren't into the typical MePa thing are breathing a collective sigh of relief. 

The Collective
1 Little West 12th St.
(212) 255-9717

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