Bar of the Week: Polar Lounge

Donhae Koo
Knee-high snow drifts, murky slush puddles, and the inability of all but a few to wear five-inch stilettos on ice, has most of us booking cruises to tropical isles or at least staring longingly at a desktop wallpaper picture of them. Those who come from hardier stock, however, celebrate the season with weekly jaunts to Coney Island for bone-chilling dips into Atlantic, and for these slightly touched in the head folks there's the Marcel Hotel's new Polar Lounge. The metallic silver walls, snowy white couches, and fierce-looking painting of a polar bear in mid-roar create the vibe of a futuristic Arctic den. The see and be scene will appreciate the stage-like seating in the center of the room, but Polar is all about its nooks. Booths line its perimeter and even more intimate "caves" hidden away in back allow you the freedom to do whatever it is people do behind closed curtain sheers. A cool $350 minimum buys you a reservation for one of the three private caves, but Polar's drink prices are equipped to help with cocktails at $17, Polar Pitchers (cocktails in bulk) at $85, and bottles of champagne ranging from $155 to $625. We recommend you stay on theme with the Endurance cocktail, named for the doomed ship that met its match in the ice of the Antarctic seas. Combining rye whiskey, Meyer lemon puree, and honey water, the Endurance is Polar's take on the Old-Fashioned, winkingly topped off with a floating glacier. On a day like today, it certainly wouldn't hurt to have a little of Polar Lounge's enthusiasm for all things cold as ice rub off on us all.

Polar Lounge
201 E. 24th St.

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