Bar of the Week: East Village Yacht Club

Carol Lee

If the name East Village Yacht Club sounds a bit oxymoronic to you, then you haven’t been to the East Village lately. This new bar/restaurant opened recently in the old Chez Es Saada’s bi-level building on the food-and-booze-happy downtown block that’s also home to Prune and The Elephant. E.V.Y.C. (notice the monogrammed napkin with a flag) wants to be all that is nautical and upper-crust without coming off as brash to the non-yacht-clubby neighbors. It’s all done in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way, from the decor (trophies, flags, model ships, silver tureens, ropes, a video projection of the ocean on the wall) to the food (Lady Wadsworth’s Spinach Dip, Lulu’s Lobster Casserole and Uncle Commando’s Grilled Rib Eye). Co-owner Andy King is a sea-loving former caterer and decorator, who actually did a great job of opening up the space downstairs so that you don’t feel caged up in a basement. The specialty-drink menu is rum-heavy, with the exception of a Starboard Seadog (Absolut Ruby Red, triple sec lime and grapefruit juices, $11), although it seems the cocktails haven’t been entirely fleshed out, so sticking to the familiar might not be a bad idea. The intended purpose of E.V.Y.C. seems to be a resting dock for uptowners or Yacht Club veterans from Long Island or New Jersey when they come to visit their idea of “hip downtown.” I’m afraid E.V.Y.C isn’t quite there yet, but then again, maybe they could totally N.G.A.F.

Photo from E.V.Y.C. opening party by Carol Lee

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