Bar of the Week: Double Windsor

Donhae Koo

Relax, there's no need to break out the Brooks Brothers. Double Windsor, by the owners of Cake Shop, isn't so much tied to the blood royal of neckwear as it is a cutesy nod to the hood -- Windsor Terrace -- that was lucky enough to score this friendly, locals' watering hole. Any lingering worries over your narrow or nonexistent tie should be eased by the vintage "Miller High Life on Tap" sign (it's not), multi-colored Christmas lights, and bowls of pretzels. A lovely horseshoe-shaped bar -- you can actually see your stoolmates! -- and chatty bartenders make for a home-sweet-bar feel. The cocktail list will make an appearance next week (try a Whiskey Mac: whiskey and Stone's ginger wine; $8), but the real draw is the impressive beer list (14 drafts, 40 bottles, three cans) that includes drafts like Lakefront IPA ($5) and Elysian Night Owl Pumpkin Ale ($7). Sadly, those pretzels are the only food on offer at the moment, but a full menu, featuring meats from Pat La Frieda, cheeses from Murray's, and a whole lot of housemade extras, is on the way. In the meantime, you can help put those hunger pangs out of your mind with a little game: Name that famous musician bartender!

Double Windsor
210 Prospect Park West
Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn
(347) 725-3479

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