Drop your phone in the toilet this weekend? Fuck the rice trick, cause net artist Molly Soda has a more mystical repair technique via her Virtual Spellbook.

One part Angelfire and two parts The Craft with a dash of Tumblr, it's a fun, interactive art project that includes important life spells for everything from fixing your busted phone to taking flawless selfies every time to increasing your follower count (no bots!). All you need is a few ingredients (essentials include glitter, candy and USBs), a clear head and pure heart, and it should work like a charm.

As a writer on the Internet, banishing trolls is probably the first spell I'm going to try out (followed by the "stop checking your ex's social" one), and while there may already be a Chrome extension that hides comments, this is obviously way more fun.

Via Buzzfeed.
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